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Christopher Kirk, a long time organic church practitioner exposes Jim Wright’s pattern of defamation:

“Alexander the metalworker did me a great deal of harm.  The Lord will repay him for what he has done.  You too should be on your guard against him, because he strongly opposed our message.”  2 Timothy 4: 14-15

I have been praying about this for the last 10 days and feel I need to say something before it can be fully released from my heart and mind.  So I will say this for the sake of others and then move on…

Do not believe what Jim Wright says about others.

Over the last several months he has attacked many of the voices of the simple, organic, relational, house-church “movement”.

Mr. Wright has been smug, condescending, and less than honest; while deliberately twisting and turning the words and meanings presented by others in various online forums.

Jim Wright seems totally determined to undermine and damage some dear sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ.  In short, Jim tells outright lies about what others believe and practice.  He has tried to hurt and damage the reputations of many who I know, respect and love.

Read the rest of the article http://notesfromthebridge.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/warning-warning-will-robinson

Jon Zens is the editor of Searching Together, a magazine that has been in print since the 1970s. Zens is also the author of many books on the subjects of women in ministry and leadership and church subject. Zens and his wife have helped women come out of prostitution and have aided victims of sexual abuse in the United States and abroad. You can contact Zens directly at jzens@searchingtogether.org

Milt Rodriguez has been planting churches for many years. He has written books on Jesus and the church and he travels to different cities to plant organic churches in the USA and overseas. Milt has been coworking with Viola and Zens for many years. You can contact Milt directly at milt@therebuilders.org

Frank Viola is an author, blogger, and speaker on Christian subjects. He has written and co-authored books on radical church restoration and Jesus studies as well as deeper life issues. Viola’s active ministry for the last three years has been completely focused on helping the poor and oppressed, writing on Jesus studies, and developing relationships with non Christians for mission. His blog is dedicated to all of these themes. You can contact Frank directly at PTMIN@aol.com

Zens, Rodriguez, Viola are personal friends with those who signed the excommunication letter warning the Church about Jim WrightZens, Viola, Rodriguez, Kirk, and Breen have never met Jim Wright yet Wright has chosen to defame all of them.